PSi  ecology company was established 7 years ago.

Company was first brought to Israel the underground bins. Company's activities during this period focused on introducing innovative product to Israel, first imported from Finland container and later moved the company to produce container in the country while implementing the lessons from the experience accumulated with years.

Today underground container  is the leading bin in Israel.

The company currently markets a gutter volumes between 2.3 cubic meters to approximately 6 cubic meters. The underground bins are made of two main models with a single polyethylene inner sleeve farm or hard and concrete with an internal single farm or a hard sleeve.

Activity The company is focused on the sale of underground bins to the various customers (municipalities, private entities and institutional) distributed during the evacuation services company trucks sold bins.

franchise company local tenders to sell containers, the exclusive franchisee of good chicken sales services and waste removal, approved the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Environment to transport waste , maintains and directs the mayor of Kiryat Ono, and turning many private clients.

* Tel: 03-5500612 Fax: 03-5500632 Adress: hbanim 6 ashdod*